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Presented by State Library Victoria

The WOMAN in the Green Dress, By TEA COOPER

The Woman in the Green Dress is a fictional novel told from the perspectives of three characters. It is set in 1853 and 1919. The three perspectives are of:

  • Della
  • Captain von Ritcher
  • Fleur Richards

I found Della the most relatable,  with her elegance and beauty. She has a strong sense of creativity which is consistent throughout the whole novel. I enjoyed the way that Tea Cooper wrote this book, how she only binded the story together at the very end. I disliked that she did not continue the story for another more chapters, that would have made it more interesting, although that gave me an excuse to allow my imagination to run free. My overall rating out of five is 4.5 stars. It is a great novel, although like all books, has areas for improvement. I would strongly recommend this novel to anyone looking for adventure, wants a good laugh and whole-hearted cry.